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Lily Lane - Fuck Master 2018

I loathe Solicitors with a passion. There’s nothing more disruptive to my personal space than a door to door salesman. Some twerp came a knocking trying to sell me a piece of pussy. He obviously didn’t know who the fuck I was but I was sure to take it because it would have been rude otherwise, and take it I sure did. Rough sex was an understatement. I made this solicitor pay for peddling his pussy upon my doorstep. You should have heard the voice on this broad. It’s was such a turn on. Her skin was smooth, mouth and anus were tight, and the cunt was wet. She was the FuckMaster 2018 and geared for nothing but man pleasing at extreme levels. I’m sure any anal play I wanted she’d allow. There was zero rules. The sales guy pitched her to me so I decided I must test drive her. I ran her hard as possible. 0-100mph with no warm up.This bitch took a pounding. I finger fucked her asshole, face fucked her mouth, foot fucked her, titty fucked her big round fake tits, and ran that bitch up down sideways and all around. It was exhausting wearing that tattooed Latina slut the fuck out. There was no quit in that pussy. The harder I pounded that fat ass the more she wanted. I was shocked. I hammerer jacked her face with my thick cock over and over. I tried to fuck her teeth straight out of her tight little mouth. Nothing worked, I couldn’t break this fuck machine. I put my fingers deep in her asshole and pulled that cunt down onto my big cock trying not to explode into her poon because I wasn’t gonna allow this bitch to get off that easy. She had a lot more wear and tear to take. I flipped her into doggy style threw my foot up on her head and fucked away as she moaned in ecstasy. I pulled her hair, slapped her ass, and spit in her mouth. If I was gonna test drive this cunt I was going to do it right! Once I reached the point where I could no longer stand I blew my load deep into that pussy with a gushing cream pie. I looked at the two of them and dismissed them from my presence. I’m Karl Mutha Fucking Karl ToughLove, I ain’t paying for no god damn piece of pussy!

Lily LaneLily Lane
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